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The Charm of the Decant

The decanter is this normally glass container that will help us transfer our entire wine from the bottle to the same container. They tend to be broad on some of their surfaces where most of the wine is exposed to contact with oxygen.

Descubre Viña De Frannes

Abierto de nuevo en el Valle de Guadalupe. Viña de Frannes ofrece una experiencia difícil de olvidar.

A Perfect Weekend in Mexico’s Wine Country

The Guadalupe Valley gives you something that’s increasingly hard to find: the feeling that you’re the first to see it.

9 Valle de Guadalupe Wineries to Visit in Mexico’s Wine Region

9 great wineries on the fashion trail in Baja California Mexico

Discover Viña de Liceaga in the Valle de Guadalupe

One of the top vineyards in the Mexican Wine Country.

Get An Overview of Mexican Wine Country

Believe it or not, Mexico makes wine too! The first vineyards in North America were planted in Mexico. Here’s a little overview of what’s to know about modern Mexican wine country.

UFO Alert! Spaceship Lands Serves Wine in Valle de Guadalupe

Upon landing this spaceship, the crew quickly started serving wine and some delicious meals on the back deck pretending to be a fantastic, unique winery called Alximia.

Wind Down In Mexico’s Wine Country

Mexico’s Baja Peninsula is Valle de Guadalupe, a bonafide paradise for wine lovers.

Mexico Wine Country: Foodie Paradise and Tastings in Baja

Wine lovers, listen up: There's a little-known gem just south of the border called Valle de Guadalupe.

Discover Baja California’s Wine Region

For most people, Baja California’s beautiful Valle de Guadalupe wine region is an undiscovered secret, yet it’s home to 100 wineries, top winemakers and talented chefs.

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