Golf? In the Valle de Guadalupe? Well, sort of….it’s miniature golf!

This past Sunday it was warm and the family wanted to go hang out together. So together we all hopped in our car and drove out to Rancho Las Delicias.  From our home at Hacienda Eco-Domes here in the Valle de Guadalupe (Colonia Las Lomas), it is about 10-minute drive.

There they have a country themed park-like location where you can have lunch and play 18 holes of miniature golf.

The ranch is fairly new and NOT all built out yet but the Borrego Puebla Style and Birria (shredded beef) tacos are fantastic and the golfing is really good so it all works. Now they do rent bicycles there as well and they have plenty of land area to ride on, so that seems like a fun thing to do for with kids as well.

Anyway, so the first thing we did was sit down to have a nice lunch. On the western style wood porch, we had a lovely family Birria meal enjoying the country air out on the plains just on the outskirts of the Valle de Guadalupe. Then we took a walk to the course and had some fun.

The first hole is the easy one. I suspect they make it so to get you going. It’s a Par 3. But as it goes along the obstacles and challenges get harder. To make it work, you need to put some good strategy together and plan those shots.

It took us about 1.5 hours to complete the fun course. It was super family fun. It’s one of those things that everyone over the age of 5 can do together.

So if you find yourself in the Valle de Guadalupe with family and kids and just want to do something other than taste wine, try the golf course. It’s just a great way to spend a lovely day outside, in the country, and hanging with family.

Oh and the cost is really affordable.  We paid 320 pesos for 4 of us.  It included the balls and clubs.  That’s about $ 14 USD for 4 or about $ 3.50 each.



From Ensenada, take Ruta del Vino into the wine country.  When you get to the first light (San Antonio de las Minas), you will see an OXXO (The Mexican version of a 7-11).  You’ll need to make a left and go up that road.  But from the light you cannot do it, so drive past the light, make a U-Turn at the first opportunity.  Then go to the OXXO and make a right.   Drive up that paved road all the way till it becomes a dirt road and then about 200 yards it ends.  Make a left.  Drive about 2 miles and on the left side, you will see Rancho Las Delicias.





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