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Abren 16 vinícolas en Valle de Guadalupe

Con la finalidad de lograr una apertura responsable, ante la mitigación y propagación del Covid-19, el Comité Provino Baja California informó que ha estado trabajando estrechamente con las instituciones gubernamentales del sector salud y a partir del sábado 20de junio abrieron 17 vinícolas del valle de Guadalupe

The 19 Essential Restaurants to Visit in Valle de Guadalupe of...

From smoky Baja quail at a roadside stand to oysters with bone marrow among the vineyards, here’s where to eat in Baja wine country

A’K Vino: Organic General Store in Valle de Guadalupe

Meet Jobe and his wife Edna! Together they opened A'K Vino in the pueblo of Francisco Zarco; abut 20 minutes from our Hacienda Eco-Domes. Jobe...

10 Things to Know Before Visiting Baja California’s Wine Country

Despite being one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the Americas, Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe has somehow largely remained quiet on the international radar. However, with now over 60 wineries, an ever-growing number of luxury boutique hotels, and dozens of world-class restaurants, Baja’s wine country is gaining revered status.


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Exploring Craft Beer Scene in Ensenada Mexico

Now passionate brewmasters have opened the door of opportunity and caught the attention of Carnival Cruises, who have launched a new Mexican Craft Beer and Brewery Tour into Ensenada.

Already been to Napa Valley? Next, head south to Mexico’s wine country, Valle de...

Go 75 miles south of the U.S. border and you'll discover Mexico’s answer to Napa, the wine country known as Valle de Guadalupe.

The little-known Mexican wine region taking on the world

Wow, even in England, they are talking about the Valle de Guadalupe; Mexico's world-class emerging wine region.
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